Dear Consumer Reports;

I have been in the used Appliance Business for over 40 years. I am a Master Certified Appliance Professional, one of only a handful of women who hold that certification,and I am writing because your testing criteria for washers makes no sense. The two most important things people expect from a washer are: does it clean well, and is it reliable. Why, then, do you score washers based on such things as energy efficiency, water usage, noise, vibration, capacity, etc.?
Speed Queen is the only good washer still being produced, and it scores rather poorly in your “tests” because it uses more water and isn’t as quiet as “your” top rated machines.
Speed Queens do use more water. Laundry is moved back and forth with a real agitator getting the laundry clean in 30 minutes, while the “others” use a few inches of water, take 40-90 minutes and do not clean well.
Also, nowhere that I could find, do you mention that Speed Queen is a Commercial Grade washer being tested in a field of residential washers. Speed Queens have a larger motor, transmission, etc. and outweigh the other washing machines by 60 lbs. It’s like comparing a Tank to a bunch of Prius’s in a military exercise where the tank is out-performing and kicking butt, and you give the prize to the Prius’s because they were quieter and used less fuel.  

You should be reporting reliability and clean-ability as the top items of importance!  The HE’s you recommend are falling apart left and right, lasting only 3-5 years and not cleaning well. People can do google searches and get better, more reliable info than they can get by going to your website. To further illustrate my point, there is that major recall on 2.8 million Samsung washers YOU still have listed as a CR recommended top choice! Meanwhile, Speed Queen, built to last 25 years, super dependable, actually gets laundry clean quickly, should be your best pick, and isn’t. What is wrong with this picture? You should be recommending the Tank not the Prius’s.

People would not buy HE washers if they knew they would have to give up clean clothes and dependability.  I talk to people every day who are furious at their HE washers for being unreliable and not cleaning.  
It should come as not surprise lots of people think you are taking bribes when I mention your ratings/versus their true life experiences. Bribery makes more sense then the idea you guys just have no clue how to actually conduct real, meaningful research on washers.

To regain trust you need to totally throw out/revamp your criteria or keep losing the people’s trust and readership.


R. “Kristen” Mortensen, MCAP
Guaranteed Appliances, San Marcos, TX.

Quality service in San Marcos for over 25 years!