If you want Quality and Reliability,  you have to do research.  There are inferior products out there. There are even some highly rated foreign-brand  appliances that, when they break down, you cannot get parts for them!   Brand names that used to be known for dependable products now have some problems in their ranks as well.

We have opted to not sell HE washers  because they don’t clean well and are unreliable.

Nor do we sell Samsung or LG appliances.  Often, we cannot get parts for them, so, we refuse to sell them.  We will not take part in the fleecing of the public with disposable, inferior appliances.


We do things differently at Guaranteed Appliances. We pick the best of the best.  Then, we give a 6 month guarantee.

We meticulously test every appliance, rebuild, repair, and make sure everything works as intended before placing it on the sales floor.   Many washers have over $100 worth of new parts. Dryers may receive $50-100 worth of new parts.

We clean our appliances thoroughly so you don't have to

We clean our appliances thoroughly so you don’t have to

  • Washers  $299 and up
  • Dryers  $175 and up.
  • Washer & Dryer sets  $475 and up.
  • Standard top freezer  refrigerators  $199 and up.
  • Side-by-sides or French door refrigerators are typically $400 and up.
  • Stoves $185 and up

Call us at 512.392.0373 for availability, colors, etc. Stock is constantly changing