When was the last time you actually checked the condition of the dryer vent on the outside of your house? Or pulled your dryer out, cleaned or replaced that dirty, kinked or damaged vent hose?

Well, that’s too long.

Poor dryer venting can cost lives and loss of property.  It also costs you more in electricity to run a dryer connected to poor venting, shorter life expectancy and higher maintenance costs to the dryer.

Most of the homes in this area have poorly designed and/or incorrectly installed venting.

When buying a home, do not rely on home inspectors to point out venting that is not to code.  Time and again we have seen problems either ignored, glossed over or perhaps not seen by inspectors.

At Guaranteed Appliances we are serious about dryer vent issues and we have some great products for improving and resolving dryer venting problems.

Call us to schedule a vent cleaning and inspection.