Need a part for your misbehaving appliance? Guess who has the best parts department between San Antonio and Austin? Yep, us! Guaranteed Appliances.

We love helping out DIY-ers with parts and advice.

If, for example, your dryer doesn’t heat, you can call or come by to get parts. We will ask you several questions because to make sure you get the right part. It may not be the one you think you need! Quite often, a broken heating element is NOT the cause of a dryer not heating.

Since we cannot accept returns on incorrect parts, we will do our best to steer you in the right direction.
Sometimes we may ask you to bring parts to our shop for us to test. Other times, it makes more sense to bring us the appliance, but we will talk you through it and let you decide.

We are your appliance DIY support team!

Kristen, “Appliance Angel”