It is true the HE’s use less water, have bigger tubs & look cool.  If those things are more important to you than clean laundry and dependability, then, by all means, buy a HE washer.

Expect to get only 3-5 years life from your HE top load washer.  HE washers take 50-90 minutes to do a batch and do not clean well.  How can they, when they are using only a few inches of water and are showering on your laundry?   Front loaders have their own set of issues, with the moldy, stinky “smell”  they leave on your clothes being the number one complaint.

In 2009, because of government mandates, the manufacturers of residential washers discontinued their production of the “traditional” washing machine.   Because of our governments’ vast wisdom, you have limited choices.

What on earth can you do?

If you want clean clothes and dependability, you can:  1.  Repair and keep your Traditional washer for as long as possible. 2. Buy a used Traditional washer.  3.  Come see the Brand new Commercial Grade Speed Queen traditional washers.

Built to last 25 years, it just makes sense to buy a long-lasting washer instead of having to replace the junk HE’s every few years, or buy a reconditioned traditional that will get your laundry clean and last better than a brand new HE.


reliability and wash-ability are a” must have”