The Sad Truth about “High Efficiency” Washers

It is true the HE’s use less water, have bigger tubs & look cool.  If those things are more important to you than clean laundry and dependability, then, by all means, buy a HE washer.

Expect to get only 3-5 years life from your HE top load washer.  HE washers take 50-90 minutes to do a batch and do not clean well.  How can they, when they are using only a few inches of water and are showering on your laundry?   Front loaders have their own set of issues, with the moldy, stinky “smell”  they leave on your clothes being the number one complaint.

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“Best Appliances” Store winner and runner up multiple times

We are honored to be recognized as the best place to buy used  appliances and are thrilled to be the best place to get parts, to get service done one your appliances, to get good advise, and the best place to buy the amazing, long-lasting Speed Queen washers and dryers.  

The first time we were voted best appliances winner, I was shocked-and thrilled because my “competition” is the big box stores.   My  “Mom and Pop” store beat out  the big box’s? Just Wow. 

We want to thank our customers for an amazing 28+ years and looking forward to being there for 


We are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Click on the link on this page to check it out for yourself-and to check out the ratings for any other businesses you might be considering doing business with.

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